1. M

    Using InStr or Like in a query

    <tbody> Resort Codes Resort Searches MM1 HNS;HSL;MG1;MG3;MG5;MGA;MM1;WNL GTR HNS;GTR;MG1;MG3;MG5;MGA;MML;WNL NCV HNS;HSL;MG1;MG3;MG5;MGA;MML;WNL MKO HNS;HSL;MG1;MG3;MG5;MGA;MKO;WNL </tbody> Hello, I have a table with two columns: list of resort codes and a list of resort...
  2. M

    Sort array

    Hi, I have a 2 dimensional array xx(1 to 10, 1 to 100) with numerical data. Do anyone know how to resort the array by the first dimension? Thanks!
  3. A


    Is there any way I can highlight a number of consecutive rows, and resort them by a particular column ? Either in the UI or VBA. Thanks
  4. Engineer Joe

    VBA: Onkey vs. MacroOptions ShortcutKey

    I recently changed companies and couldn't take my Addin with me, but in my previous Addin, I had nearly every letter on the keyboard associated with a CNTRL+SHFT+<Shortcut Key>. I've rebuilt the most important of the shortcut keys and obviously, having used them thousands of times, it was easy...
  5. G

    Print Sort Order

    Hello, I have a worksheet where the print ranges are all set and there are about 80 pages in the worksheet. Instead of resorting the pages manually (via cut and paste) or sorting all the pages once they are printed, I would like to find or write a macro that sorts the pages when I print them...
  6. R

    Re-Sort Problem: Re-sorting using over-written number, not cell equation

    Hi All, I have a problem with a production planning spreadsheet I use. Heres the format: Column A: order of work (1 to 10). This column has a sort macro on it so tasks can be re-arranged in order of importance. Column B: Task (text) Column C: Length of takes (hrs, from a look up of task vs...

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