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    A = abc

    Hello i want a formula for follwing if in cell A1 i type I = than in B1 answer should be display myself if in cell A2 i type u = than in B2 answer should be display yourself Thanks in advance
  2. R

    retrieve data from database

    hello everyone , I have an assigment for work and Its basically a code to check every row in a database that match three cratiria which will be defined by the user name, month and year ,, it has to work through a huge database and then retrive the entire row , I got error in the IF line...
  3. E

    Hyperion Retrieve and Loading One Sheet at a Time

    Hi - I've got a workbook that I load/refresh on multiple sheets. I want to load each sheet separately. Right now, every time I export, the entire workbook exports up into Hyperion Enterprise. How do I change this? Is this something I can change? I have other workbooks with a similar setup...

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