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    Edit name Formula if single text with dot take as a word

    hi i have formula were i need some changes =UPPER(LEFT(TRIM(RIGHT(SUBSTITUTE(TRIM(N3)," ",REPT(" ",99)),(1+(LEN(N3)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(N3," ",""))>2)+(LEN(N3)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(N3," ",""))>4))*99))&","&N3,LEN(N3))) INPUT IS -Jacqueline M.R. Belanger OUT PUT IS - BELANGER,JACQUELINE M.R. i...
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    Parsing Names in Separate Cells

    Need assistance on a smart formula (no VBA) that will reverse the order of a list of names - parsing into separate columns. The formula needs to be able to recognize/distinguish that if a comma(s) is present, then the names are listed as last, first middle. If there is a period this means...

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