1. B

    Help with formula

    Hi Guys, Thanks in advance for your help!!! I am trying to edit an existing sheet that we have at work. There is a button that clears all previous records and then a 2nd button that resets the formula. (The VBA for resetting the formula is pasted below) When I hit the reset button all cells...
  2. L

    Excel 2016 - Missing Excel work with no explanation (no crash, etc.). WHAT HAPPENED?

    First, let me start by saying for thelast 10 years I have worked primarily in Excel. I have literally spentthousands of hours in Excel and never had anything like this happen before... Yesterday, I was working in Excel and had 3 files open. I was no longer using file A so I wanted to save and...
  3. B

    Simple Conditional Formatting formula to revert line item back to normal after selecting from drop-down menu?

    Hi all, I can't figure this out for the life of me, but I basically have a call log with many columns. The columns involved here would be column H "Request Type" and Column N "Status." I have a formula for column H where the row will highlight if the request type "Shift Swap" from a drop-down...
  4. K

    Removing cell inputs and reverting to original cell format.

    Hi, complete amateur here. I am looking at making a button to remove the row of "L" on the attached image while reverting to the format of the rest of the table. I have tried a few very basic things and have exhausted all of my ability :laugh:. Thanks for your time...
  5. P

    Vba to return to a certain sheet after idle for so long.

    I have a workbook with 20 sheets. Is there a code to revert or go to a certain shot after idle for 15 min?
  6. V

    show Image in formula using IF condition…

    Dear All, I want to show Image in formula using IF condition… Can any one please help me in this.. Please revert....
  7. C

    vba to delete remove fill from cel based on colour

    Hi. I would like vba to remove the fill from cells which have been filled yellow. (to revert them to 'no fill') Thanks in advance Regards Craig
  8. K

    VBA revert to saved for multiple users

    Hi guys, Sorry if this has been asked and answered, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I am creating a VBA invoice for my newspaper carriers (I am the manager of the company that delivers them) for when they do each other's papers. I have gotten everything to work so far and I am now programming...
  9. J

    Can't Restore Renamed Field Items

    <style></style>problem: i renamed a pivot field item. it's a 'year' field. i renamed '2006' to 'donut'. then i renamed it from 'donut' back to '2006'. now that item will not sort correctly anymore. i tried setting it's number type to 'Number' or 'text', but neither works. i tried...

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