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    Come out of righct click menu VBA

    I have a custom right click menu where I load up a Userform. When I close the Userform (either terminate it or unloadit), the right click menu still appears. I have tried to select/activate another cell when closingbut Rightclick option still remains. It’s really buggin for the end user to see...
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    how to switch off of rightclick?

    is it posssible to do not work right click on sheet?
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    Suppress warning message

    Hi, I have a sheet on which I want the user to double click on a cell in order to trigger some code. I don't want the cell to be edited, so the cell is locked. When I double click on it, the code triggers OK, but I get the message: "The cell or chart you are trying to change is...
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    Context menus

    Is it possible to define custom menus when right-click is used. I have a sheet where I want to allow the user to right click on a cell and get a set of custom options. Thanks Steve
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    Rightclicking tabs disabled, won't enable anymore

    I posted this here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/494926/right-click-on-sheet-tabs-disabled-in-excel As well. I used this vba code in the ThisWorkbook module to disable the right click menu in an Excel workbook. Private Sub Workbook_Activate() With...

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