1. kelly mort

    Use same value for a variable in a sub

    I have this function to randomly generate certain numbers. Then I am calling for its verification with another Sub. And display an alert. Then I found out that if there is a match, instead of the alert showing me the value for the match, it goes on to generate a new set of numbers from the...
  2. H

    VBA List Data

    Hi all, I have a list of data: Apple 580 Pear 245 Orange 867 Cherry 870 etc. What I want to do is split my inventory between 5 locations randomly, but will only ever total the total inventory and then have VBA print the array so that it's like the following: Apple 156 Apple 142 Apple 52...
  3. S

    Random number generator - vba

    I have found code online to generate a random number using VBA (on click of button) How do I get it to display a certain cell (H5) rather than in a msgbx? Sub random_num() 'Initialize the random number generator '=> Randomize : add this before you call the Rnd function to obtain...
  4. Trevor3007

    run code from another worksheet but same workbook

    good evening, I use this code:- Sub Gencode() ActiveSheet.Unprotect Static IsRandomized As Boolean Dim i As Integer, PW1 As String Dim cell As Range, PW As String If Not IsRandomized Then Randomize: IsRandomized = True For Each cell In Range("b3:b199")...
  5. F

    Modify - Generate mixed random alphanumeric code

    I came across below mentioned code which I liked, I need help in modifying this code. Is it possible to do so. If yes, I would like to see the generated output with mixed characters and colan punctuation between 2 characters (i.e. F2:3R:87:0T:58) . Note I tried generating a few, I could not...
  6. J

    Type Mismatch Error

    Hi, I am getting a Type Mismatch Error in the following code: Sub z() Dim u1 As Double, u2 As Double, m As Double, s As Double, i As Long Dim z(1 To 2) As Double m = 0 s = 1 For i = 1 To 100 u1 = Rnd() u2 = Rnd() z(1) = Sqr(-2 * Log(u2)) * Cos(2 * Application.WorksheetFunction.pi *...
  7. A

    Generate list of random numbers, using same starting seed

    I have inherited some VBA code in Excel 2016 - when the code is run, 500 users are input one by one, and a random number assigned to each one. As far as I understand, the code uses Randomize and Rnd (-1) to set the same starting seed each time, so that every time 500 users are input the same...
  8. M

    application transpose large array

    hi, i want to take an array and transpose it but am having issues. the problem appears to be the size of the array, does anyone know a fix? Sub stochastic() 'commutation functions Dim surv(1 To 100000) As Double Dim survv(1 To 100) As Double Dim i As Long, j As Long For i = 1 To 10000...
  9. Trevor3007

    run additional code in vb & yes/no

    Hi, I have this code that creates a random a password into a range:- Sub autocode() Static IsRandomized As Boolean Dim i As Integer, PW1 As String Dim cell As Range, PW As String If Not IsRandomized Then Randomize: IsRandomized = True For Each cell In...
  10. C

    Built in Rnd Function repeats after workbook closes.

    Hello, This is my first post, so I apologize in advanced for any errors or novice interactions. I have noticed that the Rnd Function repeats exactly the same pattern each time I close the workbook. I am running a dice macro for a board game. It is turn base for 7 players, after each roll the...
  11. B

    Evaluate Cell based on Number format VBA

    Hi, I'm trying to insert a random number into the unprotected cells on a worksheet depending on the type of number formatting in the cell. There are 4 basic cases: Number formatted as percent Number Formated general with no decimal places Number formatted general with two decimal places...
  12. J

    Syntax question - use of parentheses in rnd and randomize

    Hi there: Here goes a newbie's question. I was playing around with rnd function and randomize statement and noticed that seed values may be entered without the parentheses. I was wondering why such behavior is possible since my understanding was that any paramenters (for functions, at...

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