rolling average

  1. S

    DAX: Rolling 12-month turnover rate but trying to average monthly distinct counts

    Hi all, I'm attempting to do a simple 12-month turnover rate: Employee Separations / Avg Employee Headcount over 12 months However, the dataset I have has employees appearing multiple times as they are split over multiple roles. Initially, to overcome this issue for getting my rolling...
  2. E

    Rolling average based on given X and time period count

    Hello everyone, I have a challenge that you might help me with. i Have a twofold challenge with my attached data set and i am looking for a formula to provide me the required insight. I need to count the number of months until a product reaches a rolling average value of 2 million. Can you...
  3. P

    Find the highest rolling average from a range

    Hi All, I have numerical data in over 1000 cells in ColumnA, and I am in need of finding the highest average from a rolling average of 10 consecutive cells. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance Pedro
  4. G

    Rolling average in pivot tables

    Hi all, After years of stalking this forum for solutions, I've finally come across a problem that I couldn't find the answer to. Thank you very much in advance for your help. I am trying to add a rolling average to my pivot table. In the example below, 'chronic load' is a rolling four week...
  5. B

    3 Month Moving Average w/ Criteria

    Hi all, I have a spreadsheet with multiple employees on it, their number of completed tasks, and the month that it was recorded. It looks something like this: Employee Month Completed Tasks Moving average A 1/1/2016 23 B 1/1/2016 19 C 1/1/2016...
  6. F

    Peak average periods within a dataset

    Hi, I have a dataset from a GPS file where I want to analyse the peak activity periods within the dataset. For instance; a 1min, 5min, 10min etc peak activity period. Does anyone know if there is a function that I can use to automatically sort for the high activity periods listed above? The...
  7. S

    Rolling Date From Pivote Table

    Hi, I am forecasting for a call center. I have a list of calls with all their details (date, start/end time and date, queue, etc.). I am using pivot tables to group them into days, months, intervals and so on. I am hoping to be able to get a rolling weekly average based on N weeks to display...
  8. J

    12 month moving average

    I need help calculating a 12 month rolling average for employee turnover for the month of January. After I get the turnover, then I need to display this in a graph or sort. I'm lost. I know how to do the rolling average for each the turnover and the headcount, then calculate Jan turnover, BUT...
  9. I

    Returning a moving average across colums

    Hi all, There are any number of posts on this topic but all are based on data in adjacent columns. I have to get a cell to return the average of the last 5 values entered in a row but cannot get it to work. Probably because I can't fully understand what the row and column settings mean in the...
  10. S

    Rolling/Moving Average

    Hello Is there anyway to automatically calculate a 12 month rolling average from a pivot table, without having to create an additional seperate table? I've tried many searches about this on the internet and came up with nothing that seems to be conclusive :confused: Any help you could...
  11. A

    Formula for rolling averages

    In the example below, the red box is a drop down list so that you can select a specific month & year. I would like a formula that will calculate a rolling average for a total of 12 months including the date in the red box. In this example, if the date selected is Jun-06, I would like to know...
  12. B

    Rolling average, variable number of cells

    I want to report rolling average in ColD, but I want to change the number of points used. Also, I do not always have temperature readings so I want the number of points used to be the last N temps taken. Date,Temp,RollAveCount,Roll Average 5/29/09 185.2 1 185.2 6/1/09 185.0 2 185.1 6/3/09...

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