rolling year

  1. A

    Calculate the number of day between two only dates during the past rolling year??

    I am trying to create a sick leave counter that counts leave days during the past rolling 12 months. I have the cell set up to count today as the end date if there is not an end date avaialable. Here is my set up. Cell A2 is the start date (2/1/15) Cell B2 is the return date (2/3/16) Cell C2...
  2. S

    VBA Sheet Array, Referencing 2014 JAN - 2015 DEC as "YYYY MMM"

    So I am very new to VBA, and I'm trying to piece together what I can on my own. I have this code, used to remove data on a certain line, in reference to data being collected on a summary page. I have employee's on row A7:B30 as Last Name/First Name. and their Data on each monthly tab there...
  3. S

    MATCH FUNCTION Issue: Tracking Attendance for a Rolling Year

    To start out, this page and its function as a whole, works. My issue, is on the 'Indiv. List' Tab, cell $A$4. I would like for this cell to show the Full Name of the employee, vs either First or Last name. On the 'Getting Data' Tab, I use this coding, to pull data from each corresponding...
  4. T

    Auto Rolling YTD number vs. previous YTD number& Current Month to Date vs. Previous Year MTD

    I need to create a comparison of MTD, YTD, and a 3 month Comparison in Excel 2007 using the current date (mm). I do not want to have to change a number to signify the month. The Data is laid out like this: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 480pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0...
  5. Tori369

    Cumlative Total based on Rolling year not using today's date

    Hello All, Please bear with me, this is my first post :) I have read many threads on multiple sites (I'm only asking my question on this site though) and have yet to get an answer specific to my needs. I work in a hospital Blood Bank/Donor Center. There are many types of donations but your...

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