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    Send Emails to recipients in column with Outlook

    Hello, I edited Ron DeBruins Excel VBA to Outlook email code below. Original code: ( My Excel sheet has Email Addresses listed in Column C. The code runs successfully, but it changes the To value inside one newly opened email message. What...
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    Does anyone know how to Email a List of Pivotal tables

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone knows how to use Ron De Bruin Mail_Range macro to email a pivotal table. I have been using the below but have had to keep manually changing the Source Range. I was wondering if anyone knows how I can amend the Source to just refer to the active pivotal...
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    Merging 2 RonDebruin email scripts

    I need to merge a couple of rondebruin's scripts, listed here. The first is straight off of his page and works beautifully. It selects a range from a worksheet and emails the results. The second is a modification of that that looks at all my worksheets and mails them to a designated address...

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