1. D

    Help - Slow Performance on File (Experts Needed)

    I have an issue with a Gantt Chart Template that I created, its very slow for some reason (I cant find the root cause :warning:) Could you please take a look of it and support me to speed it up? Thanks a lot!!! Download Link:
  2. P

    Can anyone explain this formula: =LEFT(A2,SEARCH("/",A2,8))

    Hi Guys from York, UK, The below table shows the effect of this formula: =LEFT(A2,SEARCH("/",A2,8)) Love it in that it does what i want, strips a UTL down to a root but I just copied off the internet. Can anyone explain to my how it works? Thanks in advance, David <tbody>...
  3. N

    vba to offset an activecell based on cell value

    Hallo, There's a range which filled with corresponding letters, each letter meaning in which direction the offset should take place. for example. E4 = R F4 = D F5 = L E5 to E8 = D E9 = R F9 to F7 = U F6 = R G6 = R R = move right D = move down L = move left U = move up Basically it's a path...
  4. C

    I Need Help

    Thank you in advance I need to rite code such that when the button is pressed the next integer is appended to the end of thetable and its square (n^2) and root (SQR(n)) are calculated and displayed in the table. here is what it should look like...
  5. P

    Looping through Object

    Fellow sufferers I am doing something´like this: inhabitants_in.Add "Norway", CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary") inhabitants_in("Norway").Add "Oslo", 200000 How can I best, later, do something like, to find all the countries in the root: For each country in inhabitants_in...
  6. M

    Root cause basic functions in Excel?

    Hi all, I would like to make a template in Excel to record a Root cause analysis. Do you think that this is possible? In my mind I imagine a basic Excel spreadsheet with a number of boxes, pre-established across the top of the sheet. Each box allows text to be inserted as normal but also has...
  7. I

    Copy all files and folders from root of CD/DVD

    First of all, want to greet all of you at MRExcel community. Your posts and solutions have been a great help to me over the last few yeary, so I want to thank you all! :) I'm not new to VBA but using FSO is little new to me so maybe i'm doing something wrong. And now the problem. I can't...
  8. R

    How do I reference the root when opening a file

    Hello guys, I have the following line of code... Workbooks.Open FileName:="C:\Documents and Settings\richard.nero\My Documents\Chris Gray\5 regions\" & FileName, UpdateLinks:=0, Notify:=False Now I know that the file that the macro is in is going to be the same folder of my 'fileName'...
  9. P

    Solver Root

    I created a trendline and associated equation for some data plotted against Time on the x-axis displayed in MM/DD/YY format. The date for the data ranges from 3/27/06 thru 11/10/08. The trendline equation is… F(x)=-6E-13x^5+1E-07x^4-.0087*x^3+329.1*x^2-6E+06*x+5E+10 The data actually crosses...

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