roster vlookup

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    Excel Shift Work Roster Exporting to Google Calendar (or similiar)

    Good evening, I manage a nursing shift roster for about 160 odd staff. I use excel to build and publish the roster and am currently looking at trying to export to a google calendar (or similiar). We use text code for the shifts (i.e. E = 0715-1545 & LM = 1445-2315). Currently the shifts are...
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    VLOOKUP and wages in timesheets/rosters

    Dear all, Having had alot of success here I am turning to you all to help me. I am trying to create a time sheet that will return two different results depending on the salary structure. I have successfully create the formula for a employee on a casual rate to look up the level they are on...
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    lookup question

    Hi, I'm trying to make a roster spreadsheet. My goal is to be able to enter a badge number into one column and have 3 other columns of data fill in automatically once I hit enter. So far I've tried using vlookup but I noticed the data does not update if I change the value in the lookup_value...

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