1. mole999

    UDFs for rotas

    I've been trying to figure out something for work, initially to break down the component parts with formulas and then produce a result. It finally dawned on me i might be better off writing a UDF for simplicity, and then I hit the snag I don't know enough about them to even start a small one (A...
  2. J

    Timesheet / Rosters issues - HELP

    Dear all, I am hoping someone can help resolved some issues with my spreadsheet. So if D5=12:00PM and E5 = 12:00AM giving me a total of 12 hours The formula i am using is =IF(COUNT(D5:E5)=2,IF(MOD(E5-D5,1)*24<=5,MAX(0,ROUND((MOD(E5-D5,1)-30/1440)*24,2)),MOD(E5-TIME(1,0,0)-D5,1)*24),"") This...

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