rounddown formula

  1. S

    need help with multiple formulas in one cell

    Theres a couple things i want to do in one cell. I have three cells. The first two cells B6 and B7 have two values In the third cell B9 I have an existing formula =ROUNDDOWN(MIN(B6,B7),0) It works great, it inputs the lower value of the two. Now, heres my problem. In the same cell B9 I...
  2. M

    If odd then even...

    Hi: I think that I am going about this wrong. I have the length of a needed part (balance rod) in cell L127=rounddown((L108-2),0). We have switched vendors and now are only using even length balance rods. L108 contains the product height divided by 2. L127 (balance length) can never be less...
  3. srizki


    How can I ROUNDDOWN a number to nearest 50, so for example my numbers are 82.3 or 96.7 I want to round down to 50 in each case, or if the numbers are 336.6, 244, 298.2, I want 300, 200 and 250 respectively. Thanks

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