1. T

    split worksheet into separate worksheets based on row content

    Hi, Hoping someone could help me with this. I've been trying to find a way to do this and just can't get there. What I have is a combined spreadsheet that prior was multiple workbooks/sheets (don't have the original) and was combined into one very large worksheet. Each segment of the...
  2. A

    Setup Multi Variable in Excel

    Hi All, Currently, I'm trying to resolve TSP problem regarding number of people need to cover stores in a day. What I'm thinking currently is to setup a constraint and actual working minutes & velocity to travel to stores as per current below. However, I'm stuck with the formula on how can I...
  3. T

    Need help making a routing table

    Hello Excel and VBA Experts I have a challenging problem to automate a routing table. I am given data with missing users names and the routing table to determine the user names, and I can’t change how the information is presented. The data with missing user names has 5 fields; for this example...
  4. E

    Excel Solver Airplane Scheduling

    We have let's say 10 private planes that we use to transport customers. Each customer has their own departure and arrival airports. I am trying to see if Excel Solver can help me decide which plane to use for any of the customers based upon closeness and meeting the departure/arrival time in...
  5. J

    Automation of task routing that I can not solve. I'm trying to auto populate the area in yellow in the screen shot (see link) with the tasks. Each week a person does a task, the next week they move on to a different task. They never repeat the same task in a 4 week period. Its always a 4 week...
  6. H

    Help. I'm stumped on this multiple cell IF, ISNUMBER, MATCH, IFNA, OR, VLOOKUP formula. I almost got it!

    E4: =IF(F4="Yes","No",IF(OR((ISNUMBER(MATCH(A4,'Remington 700'!$N$7:$N$401,0))),(ISNUMBER(MATCH(A4,'Bighorn TL3'!$N$7:$N$401,0)))),"Yes","No")) F4: =IFNA(IF(OR(IFNA(((VLOOKUP(A4,'Remington 700'!$N$7:$O$400,2,FALSE))=1),((VLOOKUP(A4,'Bighorn...
  7. R

    re-assign a control to new class event handler

    Is it possible? During control creation, you can assign a class event routing (click, change events.....) to a UserForm control (My method below) Set C1 = New Class1 Set C1.labelz = LAB Is there any possibility for re-assigning a control that has already been...
  8. F

    Conditional Format Unique ROWS

    Doing a conditional format for unique cells is pretty easy to find, but I need to find unique series of rows. Here's my set up; I have a master routing list for booking loads, columns A,B,C,D are from, to, product, trucking co. at the end of the day I run a report which shows this and I want...
  9. F

    E-Mail macro deletes macros in workbook

    I'm sorry for the length of the post, I am trying to provide as much info as possible. I have a shared workbook form that various users fill in and then send to the appropriate managers for approvals. The workbook is basically a template, although just saved as a normal .xls workbook (sadly...
  10. A

    Routing Slip Button

    I want to create a button to bring up the Routing Slip. I want the user to be able to choose recipients, enter subject... the same as the Send to>Routing Recipient form the file menu. How can this be done?
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