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    VBA - Highlighting entire row based on top values in column

    Hi everyone, I'm learning VBA and am very unsure of what I am doing! I have columns A:K and need to highlight entire rows based on the top 150 values in column F. I know that there is conditional formatting for top values, but I can't seem to find anything that will highlight the entire row...
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    Conditional format-change format when rowheading changes

    A data set (a1:d100) has auto manufacturers alphabetised in column A. How do I apply a condition so that the entire data set for each manufacturer has its own colour? (real data set is much more complicated and has about 300 changing manufacturers) Using Excel 2007. Thanks! <TBODY> Manufacturer...
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    vba code needed for filling a row when a cell is selected that row

    I have had to cut off my row and column headers due to a monitor only being 13" wide. If possible I need to see if there is code that can be inserted into the sheet that will simply fill that entire Row yellow when there is a cell selected in that Row.When another Row is selected it will fill it...
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    Automated row coloring macro (based on value of a particular cell)

    I need rows to automatically fill with a particular color based on the value of the cell in column V of that row. So if cell V10 says for example: "John", the entire row 10 will become blue. If it says "Mike", row 10 will become green, etc. There are four possible names and corresponding...
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    Color more than one cell on the same row when a cell has a certain numeric value

    A B C D 1 Name 2009 2010 Total 2 Sam 400 600 1000 3 John 200 400 600 4 Eric 100 300 400 I'm working on a simple list, see example above, where a cells background color changes (in a simple traffic light system) in both the Total (column D) and Name (column A) when the...
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    Conditional Format part of row based an a Cell

    I need to highlight the rows from A27:P:2000 based upon the value of Column B. The column can be: "SU-ARRAYOS-PREM-1" or "SU-HARDWARE-PREM-1" or "SU-APPLICATIONS-PREM-1" and needs to highlight a different color for each one. Thank you in advance for anyone who can assist.
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    Internship Recruitment VBA Programming

    Hello,<?xml:namespace prefix = o /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I'm creating an internship recruitment roster, and I'm looking to program the sheet to do a few things automatically:<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> 1) Every intern is labeled with a status letter under a "Status" column, such as A for hire...
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    Protect Row Color from changes

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to protect the color formatting of an excel spreadsheet. I need every other row, besides header, to be gray. Currently, if a number is entered in a white row but then copied to a gray row, the color changes to white. I need it to stay gray. Also, I need the...

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