row index number

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    VBA code to find a cell containing certain word and using the row number of the cell run a if else statement.

    <tbody> customer ID A gain target A gain target Value A loop target A loop target value A Loop high A loop high value B Gain target B loop target B loop high 1 345 345 1 345 45 34 45 67 2 234 3466 1 2345676 1 67 1 76 56 67 3 123 3457 34567 456...
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    need row number of a reference in another sheet

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet with >50 sheets. I need to know the row number that a certain reference can be found in each sheet. For example, I need to know what row "planned revenue" is in sheet "IMO1". I know you can get it by using a match function - so if "planned revenue is written in cell...
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    Hlookup question

    Hello, I am using Hlookup to get the information from one tab to another the formula i am using is =HLOOKUP(G51,'FY09 Sheet1'!F54:Q175,4) The problem is when i drag the formula the row index number doesn't change from 4 to 5 instead i have to change in every row the row index number...

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