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    Excel VBA Insert Row Code Works - How to Update Code to Include Formulas and Formatting?

    I have the below code that uses a command button. It will insert a row when the value changes in column K starting at row 11 (colors). It works great, but I wonder if there is a way to add in the formulas and formatting to the inserted rows? Dim LR As Long, i As Long LR = Range("K" &...
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    Row insert copies down cell shading. Can this be avoided? Copying formulas preferred though.

    When I insert a row in VBA the default behaviour of excel is to copy the cell shading from the row above it. I would like to stop this from happening. It would be nice though if it copied the cell formulas from below it though.
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    VBA to Keep Same Formula Row/column Reference after new row is inserted

    HI all, I'm using many different formulas with row/columns reference (located in F4: Q14) the problem that i'm getting is that on daily basis i have to insert a new row (ROW 37) - Data start on row 37 - after the insertion the Formulas stay but it change the cell/columns reference. Example...
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    insert cells/shift down and entire row gets inserted...

    highlighting 4 cells/in columns AA6-AD6 to insert cells/shift down and entire row from far left keeps getting inserted. nothing merged. unfreezed everything. no hidden columns. Lots of data - shared document - Excel 10. any ideas? Thanks! Holly:confused:
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    Insert Variable Number of Rows

    Hi there, I have been trawling the internet and am having great difficulty in finding an answer to my problem. I have code that looks at 6 counts to find the maximum, and that works perfectly: Maximum = (Application.WorksheetFunction.Max(Count1, Count2, Count3, Count4, Count5, Count6)) What I...
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    Insert a row with specific contents after every merged data cell.....

    Hi all I've looked online for VBA code to insert a row with specific contents (ex. 'Example1' after every merged data cell (it should check for data) in a specified range (B13:B269), but none seem to work properly with the merged cells. Column B has merged cells, but column D does not (Column C...
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    Auto row insert as per required

    Hi Team, I looking for below macro requirement and hope can help me with it. I have two sheets, Sheet1 is containing number and sheet2 containing the data. In sheet 2 if you have three line items then macro should insert the rows and copy the same row data as per the number updated in sheet...
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    Auto Row insert if there is different number in the cell - Macro required

    Hi All, I hope can anyone help me with the below requirement. I have data as below and need to insert one new row whenever number changes. This should happen through macro because my data would be very huge like 500 to 1000 rows so, sometimes it goes beyond this number. Ex:- Column 1 650 650...
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    Insert Rows/Columns in large workbook

    I have a large workbook (approx 70MB) w/ approx 100 similar tabs. When I try inserting rows & columns (w/ all tabs highlighted), Excel 2010 tries to process for several mins, then says I don't have the resources to complete the operation. Is there anything I can do to help it along? I have...

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