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    Copy Values from Column to Row

    Not even sure excel is able to do what I want this way but I'm trying to take data that's in Column D on sheet "RemoveDup" and copy it to Row 2 on sheet "Final" using a VBA. If the VBA finds a blank cell in the RemoveDup Column the VBA ends. So the below code "works" in the sense that it moves...
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    How to transpose data from column to rows multiple times - macro?

    So, I am fairly competent with excel formula but no nothing about macros. I have just received 35 separate pdfs which I think will convert to around 15000 rows of data in excel. I think it will take me hours (if not days) to formulate the data in to a usable table without some kind of excel...
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    Convert 1 row of data to 4 rows and have it repeat every 4 rows

    This is my raw data: I want to get to something like this: How do I do it? I cannot get the formula to repeat. I'm using the following...
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    Group value in columns with header based on value in another column

    Hi all, Could you please help me with this case: I have Group name in one column and Item name in other column. Each item belongs to respective group in the on the left cell. We want to have Group name as Column header and all items belong to the group in the column. I tried transpose...
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    transferring a row of data in a column, please i need help

    I am using excel2007 and i have 2 sheets in my workbook on the first sheet i have the input data sheet Name ____ b-day ____ age ____ sex ____ and an encode button with the syntax like this... inputdata = Sheet2.Range("a65536").End(xlUp).Column + 1 Sheet2.Cells(inputdata, 1).Resize(1...
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    Copy row to column recursively using macro?

    Hi guys, I wish to copy data from row to columns recursively. All I know is how to record macros. Kindly, help me edit the code. Eg. The data is in the following format, it is in one single column. BRANCH1 ROW11 ROW12 ROW13 ROW14 ROW15 ROW16 ; BRANCH2 ROW21 ROW22 ROW23 ROW24 ROW25 ROW26...

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