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    Stange .RowHeight results

    I have a very simple routine that uses: ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(proposal).Range("B" & a).EntireRow.RowHeight = 17 to set the row height to 17. When the above line of code executes, it sets the row height to 22 instead of 17. I have two other identical lines of code that should set the row...
  2. K

    Difference between RowHeight and Height

    According to the help file reading .RowHeight and .Height for a single row range should give the same answer. This however does not happen as can be seen from the following: <table width="211" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><colgroup><col...
  3. I

    VBA Excel RowHeight (Diff-Range)

    Hi All, I have got MS Query written by 7 sheets of Excel (Sun to Sat) each day have got different values comes ..some time 2 rows some time 6rows My following VBA code is working fine , only problem is the row height I restricted to 1: to 6 as you can see in the code given below: I would like...
  4. W

    looping through sheets & amend rowheight

    Hi all, How can I achieve this: I would like to loop through all my sheets & set the row height to 20 on rows starting from row 6 to the last non blank row. Thanks for your help.
  5. G

    How do I automatically hid rows on a cell selection?

    Hi In one cell I have a Data Validation list so the users can choose a question. (Source: Choose, Automation?, No Automation?) If they choose "Choose" I would like to hide rows 59 to 79. If they choose "Automation?" I would like to hide rows 59 to 63. And if they choose "No automation?" I...

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