rows to columns

  1. B

    Data Transformation: Transpose Rows into Columns

    I'm looking to transpose a spreadsheet that consists of a column with an ID for the whole row of data, followed by data fields listed in a typical column/row setup, similar to the table below. And for background, my particular data set has thousands of rows and about 20 or so columns. <tbody>...
  2. W

    Changing some rows to columns

    Hi Everyone, FYI, I do not think this is just a simple transpose question. I have data in the form of: Item Attribute Item 1 XXX Item 1 YYY Item 1 ZZZ Item 2 AAA Item 2 BBB etc. I want to reformat my table so that it's like: Item Attribute 1...
  3. D

    Collating data from Multiple rows to columns

    Hello I'm quite new to data manipulation with Excel, but have been tasked with converting a report into a more efficient format. The report comes in a format as below (but more fields and much more data (for up to 5000 people) <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Jon Smith Age 57...
  4. G

    I need a macro for transferring data from rows to columns (Example provided)

    I need help with a macro that will transform the following table: <tbody> Component P/N Rev Qty BUn Description Mfg Name Mfr Part Number 130-158-01-02 <tbody> D2 </tbody> 1 <tbody> EA </tbody> <tbody> Display/System uP,Jabroni </tbody> <tbody> 220-819-01-00 </tbody>...
  5. M

    Need help with text file to excel

    Hi guys, so I have this massive text file that I need to get into Excel. The files is like this in text: Alaska Southcentral Foundation-Alaska Native Medical 315 Diplomacy Drive Anchorage, AK 99508 Program Information: Program: General Practice Residency 24 Months Program Director: Dr...
  6. W

    Transpose to columns, change format of a table

    I have a table that I extracted from ArcGIS (see an extract of the table below). It features 12 designated sites and within each of the sites there are occurences of up to 63 different feature types. <tbody> NAME FEATURE FREQUENCY Antrim Hills Heather 15 Antrim Hills Scrub 38...
  7. N

    Transpose data on multiple rows

    I have a spreadsheet which am trying to transpose data into separate columns. See example sheet below: <tbody> PolicyNo Name_Address Agent No Code Premium 11256 James Cook 2WD PXT 25.50 Line1 Line2 Town 2356 Peter Jones 56TF TDE 25.50 Line1 Line2 Line3...
  8. A

    simple question

    hi all I have simple question in sheet1 I have all my data and sheet 2 to have the same date but the ROWS should be converted to COLUMNS thanks you very much for any the help
  9. H

    Five Lines of Text to Five Columns

    I have a number of contacts with their details on individual lines in Column A like this in Excel 2010, Windows 7: Grounds Maintenance Helper Bob Smith 165 Cresap Charlottesville, VA 22903 E Sports Management Director Jane Woodard 119 Stadium Road Scottsville, VA 22605...
  10. S

    Excel rows to columns - certificates

    Dear all, I need to print 100's of certificates and want to run a mail merge. However, I currently have a column of names and then the certificates the names are receiving appear in the same row as the name e.g. row 2 has won awards for progress in art and DT and in achievement for Maths and...
  11. S

    Custom Pivot

    I would like to pivot an Excel table using the following INPUT and expecting the following OUTPUT. INPUT table: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 345pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=461><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 37pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt...
  12. K

    Conditionally Transpose Data?

    I have a spreadsheet that has a list of products in column A, with date ranges for sales in column B. The way it is now, products with multiple ranges are listed multiple times in column A, and each sale date range is in a separate row, like this: Item 111 | Jan-Jun Item 111 | Sep Item 111 |...
  13. N

    Reorganize Side by Side Address Sheets

    I have an address sheet where they are side by side and in note pad. I want to import them to excel like a standard mailing list, with columns for First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, but I don't know how to rearrange the formatting. This is more clearly what the current sheet...
  14. P

    Help moving data from rows to columns

    Hi Really stuck with this one - wondering if anyone can help I've got a data sheet that looks a little something like this: 1 2 3 4 5........31 Mary Q1. a e i m q...... Q2. b f j n r...
  15. J

    Transpose Rows and Fill Down Static Data

    Hi. I am working with two columns of data. Column A is a style number. Column B is a size run for that style. I would like to copy/transpose the size run into a vertical list of sizes - one size per row - and have the style number fill down next to each size. Transposition could take place on...

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