rows to repeat at top

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    Exclude 'rows to repeat at top' on last page

    I have a 14-page Excel sheet in which I have set a range of rows to repeat at the top of every page. However, my last page (pg. 14) I DO NOT want this range to print. I am using Excel 2010 and cannot seem to find an option to do this. Is creating a macro my only option?
  2. L

    Rows to repeat at top: that are NOT contiguous and complete

    Hi, I'm trying to select rows 1 through 5 & row 15 to repeat at the top, but when I try to select those rows in page setup it says, "Print titles must be contiguous and complete rows or columns." Is there any way around this? Thanks, Laurinda :)
  3. K

    How to repeat column names on printed pages

    I am wondering how to repeat column names on printed pages for a multi page printout in Excel 2010. This is under File Print --->Page Setup ---> print titles "rows to repeat at top" is not accessible.

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