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    Combine Workbook open events

    Hello, I figured out my last post to make a drop down list default to a certain choice when opening up excel. However I could not edit my post to state so and then ask my follow up question that I have to now to complete my workbook for users. My question is as follows: How can I cobble...
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    Run Macro on Change of formula result value in cell

    Hello Excellent people! I have made a macro which is designed to change the colour of some shapes depending on the value in a cell. It all works fine when it runs, but it only runs when I exit the formula bar of the cell. Since the taget cell has a formula in it (basic division of two numbers...
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    Macro to open file and run further macros

    Hi there I'm trying to figure out how to get a macro in a file 1 (start.xlsm) to prompt the user to browse their computer for a second file (rawdata.xlsx), to automatically open that file and run 3 separate macros that are stored in start.xlsm on the rawdata.xlsx file. Rather than manually...

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