run-time 1004

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    Multiple filtering criteria results in no cells being found

    I am using VB to delete rows meeting certain criteria - however, if the criteria is NOT met, I'm receiving a Run-time 1004 - No cells were found. The code below will result in a match on Criteria 1, but there is no match on Criteria 2 (often, that is...). In the event that this occurs, I would...
  2. J

    Run-Time Error 1004 when Stopping Application.OnTime Procedure

    I wrote a macro that allows a user to time the duration of their call through a UserForm, while they continue to enter data about their call on an excel sheet. Most of the time the macro works perfectly but occasionally (randomly it seems) I get an error when attempting to pause/stop the OnTime...
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    Run-Time 1004

    I have looked at some fixes for run-time error 1004 but can't seem to apply them to my situation. I have merged six cells - i.e. A2-C4 - as a place to insert an image. (This is only as a guideline for where to place images. I realize I do not need to do the cell merge.) I then use the three...
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    Search and Replace Combobox help!

    Hello, I created a macro that has a userform to select a workbook, pull data from it, and then go through the comments (its from a survey with an open-end question). The search and replace was designed to remove expletives. I wont post the expletive list, but I will share the rest. The red...
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    Problem Implementing ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 in VBA (with string)

    Good Morning, I've done all kinds of searching, around this message board and other places, and I cannot figure out why I am getting an error here: ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=(IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP($B6," & Qtwo & "$C$2:$BE$92,54,FALSE)),""No Data"",VLOOKUP($B6," & Qtwo &...
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    Run-Time Error 1004 Cannot Change Part of a Merged cell.

    I am getting Run-time error 1004 "Cannot Change Part of a Merged Cell". I am trying to copy Sheet1 cell E11 (merged cells E11:G11) to Sheet2 cell E11 (merged cells E11:G11). Can someone please help me figur out where I am going wrong. Thanks. Sub PartBalance() With Sheets("PART REQUEST")...
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    Excel 2007 error: Method 'Delete' of object 'Range' failed

    Hi, I have written a sub with the purpose of finding rows based on a critieria, copying the rows to another worksheet and deleting the original row. The code: Sub MoveToIgangvaerende() ' ' Flytter opgaven til sheetet Igangværende projekter ' Dim i, j, Index As Integer Forfra: For i = -1 To...
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    VBA Loop to fill Chart

    hello- I have a simple code that I wrote to loop through data line by line to create a column chart. The code stalls out on the .Values line where I try when I try to add the first series....I get a run-time error '1004'. however, after searching numerous times I cannot find what might be...

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