running average

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    running average based off month

    Hello, I have a table that I want to keep a running average off of based on month. The table looks like this: <tbody> Month Score 1 0.92 2 0.92 3 0.89 4 0.91 5 0.91 6 0.81 7 0.88 8 0.89 9 0.83 10 0.86 11 0.94 12 0.93 </tbody> I want to keep a running average from...
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    Formulas to generate "previous average test score" and "previous max test score" for multiple students

    Hello, Thank you in advance for your help! I REALLY appreciate it! I have thousands of previous test scores for hundreds of students along with the dates of the tests (so I can determine the chronological order of the test scores for each student). I want to create a formula that will...
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    How do I create a rating system?

    ​What I want to do is create a rating system that has a running average, that updates every time I put a new rating in a designated cell. For example, cell A2 would be my average rating, and A1 would be the designated rating cell for new entries. So that I could enter a new number into A1...
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    Conditional averages

    Hi there, I've got a table full of data that requires a running average calculation. The running average should only apply to the 10 previous data entries, however the issue I'm facing is that quite often for any given day there is no data entry, therefore, in order to capture the 10 previous...
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    Question Re: Monthly Running Sum query

    Hello everything, This seems like a great forum and its my first time posting so Ill do my best to be as clear as possible... I have a table, lets call it "MyTable", it contains 3 fields: ID (Autonumber), LogDate (Date), Volume (currency) I need to create a query based on this table with two...

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