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    Excel Query about cumulative summation in the data table

    Hello, I have various rows with data 1,2,3,4,etc and various columns having ascending numbers from left to right. Like this -- removed inline image --- Now, at different sheet, if I give reference to the 3 and 20173, I want total of all the data mentioned in row 4 starting from 20171 till...
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    Running Conditional Sum Based on Month

    Hello all, I'm trying to structure a running conditional sum based on a monthly cash flow stream. To clarify, picture three elements: - A stream of twelve cash flows in one row, each one corresponding to a month - A list of twelve months in another row - A single cell that acts as a...
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    Trying to create a running total of invoices

    Hello, Message Board: I have a table with invoice details. I'm trying to create a query that will summarize the total $ of invoices by month. I created a field that will give me the month end date based off the invoice date field using the dateserial function (ie and invoice with a date of...
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    Advanced Run Sum Pivot

    I need to create a running sum in a pivot, which in itself is not hard to do as long as the running sum is only columnar or row based. What if the runnung sum is on both... let me explain... lets assume that the column headers in the pivot are dates grouped by month and year (Jan, Feb, Mar/...
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    Need Suggestions on How to Create a Customer Rollforward

    I have a customer database with the following: tblCustomers that includes the following fields: pkAccount_Num, Customer_Name, Service_Market, Acquisition_Date (required), Cancel_Date (null if customer has not cancelled). I have been able to summarize the data using 2 separate crosstab queries...
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    Question Re: Monthly Running Sum query

    Hello everything, This seems like a great forum and its my first time posting so Ill do my best to be as clear as possible... I have a table, lets call it "MyTable", it contains 3 fields: ID (Autonumber), LogDate (Date), Volume (currency) I need to create a query based on this table with two...

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