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    Need help with formula that doesn't find numbers

    Hi All, This array formula returns a cell value but not if it's a number. Is it possible to return a cell value as a number or text? Thank you! Russ =IFERROR(INDEX(Distro!$Z$1:Distro!$Z$3244,SMALL(IF(ISTEXT(Distro!$Z$1:Distro!$Z$3244),ROW(Distro!$Z$1:Distro!$Z$3244),""),ROW(Distro!Z1))),"")
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    Hi All, I'm using the RANK formula: =RANK(BL2,$BL$2:$BL$186,0) Some students do not have a grade so their cell is blank. How do I get the formula to ignore the blank cells? Many thanks, Russ
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    Hi All, I thought this would work: =COUNTIFS(AW3:BF522,D2,AV3:AV522,C3) The D2 criteria can be found in multiple columns and C3 criteria is in just found in 1 column. Help! Thank you! Russ

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