1. T

    Is Countifs right you use?

    I’m trying to return the number of times a name appears in a range of cells based on the criteria of another cell. In column AT I have names of departments: Safety, Quality, FI, etc. In columns AX:BG I have a bunch of people’s names. On another sheet I’m trying to find how many times a name...
  2. R

    Require formula

    Hello, Below is the simple data sales vs safety stock. I need 1 formula which calculates total number of sales more than safety stock. In this case it is 2 <tbody> sales1 safety stock 1 56 2 5 3 1 4 9 5 1 Total numbers sales more than safety...
  3. M

    I think it's an IF formula.... but I can't get it to work

    Hi all - really hoping an Excel genius can work this one out for me :cool: Scenario is: I want to review the safety stock levels of a number of components. I've taken 2 components as an example If the percentage adherence to the agreed safety level, over a period of time, falls below a...
  4. 1

    Using OFFSET, SUMPRODUCT & LEFT in a formula

    I have created this formula to look at data that is coming from an AS400, to sum up, production hours. I am getting a value error when I start using the if statement in the formula. Without IF in ReportB4...
  5. N

    Not the Usual Timestamp Question

    I am trying to fix a timestamp issue as most have asked about in this forum; however, my question is a little different from the 75+ that have been previously asked. I have a userform that loops through and adds rows of data to a worksheet (SurvData). In worksheet SurvData, I have a cell that...
  6. HeRoseInThree

    Preferred method - advice

    I just got a new company phone and do not want to have to add all of the numbers I need into it individually. I have their information in an Excel spreadsheet - so I was wondering if there was a way to convert XLSX to VCF. I discovered several ways online, but am concerned about putting their...
  7. T

    Help counting how many matches

    I have 2 columns of data. I need to count how many Advanced are also Safety and so on and so forth. How many Major are Safety, CD, etc. How many Advanced are Safety, CD, etc. ??? <tbody> Advanced Safety Major CD Standard PD Advanced Safety Advanced PD Major QC Advanced PD...
  8. R

    Database Query

    Hello! May I request help to determine a database solution? I do not know how to paste my excel table here, so I've placed a PDF file (for safety) here: Document1.pdf - Google Drive Trying to figure out how to apply a vlookup-type of formula for multiple data fields. <tbody> </tbody>
  9. M

    Help with disabling Checkboxes dependant on previous Checkbox

    Apologies for the basicness (if that's a word) of this query... but I'm a VBA virgin... I have a spreadsheet that I've designed as a questionnaire to determine the level of complexity of a project - various questions are asked with the answers weighted to provide an overall score that...
  10. L

    safety mode

    One of my spreadsheets is in a safety mode that makes it very slow to open or close. I think this happened during an interrupted save. Can anyone tell me how to cancel or clear this safety mode?

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