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    Conditional Weighted Average using same Data Column

    Hello! I try to do a weighted average of data in a single column. Example: <tbody> Module Indicator Type Data M1 Ind 1 A 100 M1 Ind 1 B 80 M1 Ind 2 A 15 M1 Ind 2 B 20 Mn Ind n X </tbody> Simply put, I need to do weighted average per Type for Indicator 2 using Indicator 1. The...
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    SUMIFS formula in same column as the sum range (Possible?)

    I've been using this awesome forum for many years, getting all of my Excel questions answered by the awesome forum members and Excel gurus, but now I'm having a task to which I cannot seem to find an already existing topic/solution for, thus this is my first post. I'm having (almost) the same...
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    SUMPRODUCT(?) if rows meet more than one criteria, Simple Way?

    Hi all. I am a beginner excel user and new to the forum. I have a very large list of sales reports that I am trying to total up many different ways. Pivot tables work for much of what i'm doing, but I would also just like to try a simple formula for others. Here's an example: Find total of Red...
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    Comparing and Sorting strings within the same row.

    Hi, I am trying to write a macro that will take two strings, check to see if they both contain the relevant information I am looking for, and then cut/paste the string with the largest "value" to a cell within that same column. I.E. I have a URL (column A) and a Printer name (Column B) in row...

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