1. S

    Save-As with Cell Name

    hello- I've been trying to write a piece of code to save-as a workbook. Here are the criteria- and I can fill in the "xxx's" if someone lays them out for me. Help is much appreciated. Needs to save-as on a C:\Users\Bridge\Desktop\Noons\Noons-Arrivals\(Myfile) The name needs to come from...
  2. R

    Need to ignore Comadd-in.

    I am working on a project. In this project the excel sheet may only be saved if some cells are filld in. The form also only me be save if it’s an .xlm. I got this working, but one of the excel comadd-ins is not listening to the do not save command in my workbook. Wat happens is, is that when...
  3. H

    VBA to clear cells below header containing word

    hello, New to excel VBA and could use some help. I am looking for a VBA to be able to use on a few different spreadsheets which will be automatically created from an android app that exports to a .csv file. After the csv file is created by the app, I need to be able to: A) clear all cells in...
  4. N

    Template Problem!

    Good morning all, I have a macro-enabled template. When I open the file (from the File-Open or from double clicking from within a folder), the template opens for editing/saving and not an empty/new document (so users are unknowingly saving over my template when they hit Save instead of...
  5. J

    Button to save the template workbook to a default directory

    Hi all! This has probably been posted and answered before. I found some similar questions and good answers, but I couln't figure out how to make this work... I have an excel template that I use once a week, for processes and so on... Anyway I'll "save as" the template in the same directory...

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