save over open file

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    Macro to copy specific rows to another workbook

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to automate my data organisation process, so what I'm looking for is a macro template with the lines of code I need, but for me to change the names of the files. So, what I'm trying to do, is: 1. tell it to look in "workbook 1 name" in "sheet 1 name". 2. copy row 1 and...
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    Vba needed: Saving over orginial file

    I have a macro that saves my workbook as the current date and time. After that a different user opens the workbook and runs a macro that saves it,keeping the date and time as the first macro and then adds some additional text to the file name. The problem i have is that I now have 2 files that...
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    Save over open files

    Hello, I am having difficulty with clearing out data from a third party. Here is what I have and what I want: I have users that save data in workbook B throughout the day. At the end of their shift, they are supposed to close down the workbook so that workbook A can collect the data remotely...

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