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  1. F

    Power Query: Saving result as static workbook to new folder - refresh daily then save to new folder as static document

    I feel the answer to this question is real simple but I'm VERY new to power query and haven't found a way to do this yet. I have built a few queries where I save reports to a folder, it pulls the files consolidates and re-formats them when I click refresh. This is wonderful. But now I need to...
  2. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Code to Look into Folder Directory for File and Download to Specific Folder Location

    Hello All, I have a project which requires a tool that is capable of looking at a set list of file names, a specified sub folder and seeing if the file exists, if so, then make a copy of the file to a specific Directory and update the workbook that I will trigger the code form with a "Saved...
  3. V

    Trying to save as 'filename'

    Hello, I'm having trouble with what should be a very easy excel problem. I am opening a file from my desktop and running it through a macro. I then need to save it to a specific folder and would like the macro to do this for me. I tried just recording a macro: ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs...
  4. J

    Save File To Folder

    Help would be appreciated. I would like a script which would save my file named Xtemplate to a folder named C:\Temp\ExcelTemplates\ The only thing is I would like it if the script could add a new number to the file name if the file already exists in the destination folder. I.e. Xtemplate...

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