saveas active workbook.

  1. R

    Save As does not work properly

    I have a snippet of code in the macro, which save a macro-enabled workbook under a different name before most of the code is run: FileSaveAs = Application.GetSaveAsFilename(FileFilter:="Exel Files (*.xlsx), *.xlsx", Title:="Select Name To Save The File") If FileSaveAs <> False Then...
  2. S

    VBA to open specific file path using info from userform textbox

    I'm trying to open a specific folder on a network based on the information entered by user. This entered information updates the header info, so cell values won't be accessed. The input corresponds to a number and a name, that would also be part of Folder Name and Workbook Name as well. I've...
  3. S

    [VBA] SaveAS wont work inside loop

    Hi! I need help with some of my coding. I cant seem to get the saveAS function to work inside a do while loop. It works fine outside the loop. When its inside the loop it keeps saving the same file and wont exit the saveAS and go to the next step. Sub test() Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws =...
  4. A

    Opening workbooks and saving as using cell references

    Hello all, I have a workbook that will open multiple workbook and edit the data before saving and closing them. I'm now needing to save a copy of the first workbook under a new name in a new file path before I make any changes. The file paths of all workbooks are changing everyday, and as...
  5. G

    Filter data, copy to new workbook, and save to user desktop

    Ok - So I posted this code in another post and my question was answered. That fixed the initial issue but I am now running into a new error. I also keep coming across different posts that lead me to think there's a way to do this cleaner. My code is erroring out on this one line: For Each ws2...
  6. L

    .SaveAs doesn't initate 'Workbook_BeforeClose' ?

    Hi all, I am working on a macro that makes users click "Enable Content" mandatorily to access the workbook, works like a charm, except I have a macro which does a .SaveAs under a different name, and it automatically closes my original file, but doesn't initiate the "Workbook_BeforeClose" code I...
  7. M

    Created Macro to save file dynamically failing

    Hi there, I have created a macro which saves a sheet from a workbook in a location that that changes daily. This is captured in the macro by using formulas in excel. The macro seems to create the file as expected however I get to the following line and it fails to save .SaveAs...
  8. C

    Macro to save 4 other open workbooks

    I received great help from Fluffy yesterday. I've been working all morning and just can't figure this out, its a mess. I am a beginner and putting in time to learn but running out of time. It doesn't help that I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. I appreciate any and all help. I want to...
  9. J

    VBA Saveas using a filepath as specified by the user

    Good afternoon. I have been going round in circles trying to find the VBA code I need to perform a certain function, however, I have been unable to find it, so I am hoping all you experts will be able to assist me. I have created a general ledger journal and I want to assign VBA to a button...
  10. FalconBLUE

    Backup Macro Codes...

    Hi everyone, I want to backup my workbook with below codes. First of all, codes are checking backup folder whether or not. If not the folder, being created in C:\ and then being identified. Finally, this code must saveAs active workbook. But not. Where I am making mistake I don't know. Could...
  11. S

    saving a .xlsx as a tab delimited text file

    I have a spreadsheet that I need to convert into a tab delimited text file. I am writing some vbs code in notepad++ and I just cant get the last line to work, everything else runs perfect, but I just cant get it to save as a tab delimited text file :/ Set ExcelObject =...
  12. K

    Issues with Saveas on activeworkbook

    I have the following VBA code in a before save event ' check if file exists. if yes save else saveas Application.EnableEvents = False If Len(Dir(FullName)) > 0 Then ActiveWorkbook.Save Else ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs FileName:=FullName, AddToMru:=True End If...
  13. J

    I need VBA to save file and attach file to email based on conditional statements

    Good morning! Well I've been handed the task of taking an Excel form that works well, but expanding it to be a hybrid form that will take care of other needs/forms as well. The developer who created the original form no long works here, so I'm taking my rusty VB skills and trying to...
  14. F

    VBA - EXCEL -NEED HELP Renaming file in same path

    NEED HELP!! VBA - EXCEL -NEED HELP Renaming file in same path + text addition Hello and thank you for reading/responding. I am using the current code to save as CSV to XLSX. BUT- this is renaming the file with the TEMP<CURRENTFILENAME>... AND placing on my desktop. With Activeworkbook .SaveAs...
  15. G

    SaveAs location to ActiveWorkbook.path

    Hi all! Is there an easy way to have this macro save the file Text_on_XY.scr in the ActiveWorkbook.path? Sub Text_on_XY() ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:= _ "H:\Text_on_XY.scr", FileFormat:=xlTextPrinter, _ CreateBackup:=False End Sub

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