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    Outlook VBA - download attachment(s) to a windows folder when email(s) from specific email address lands in the inbox?

    Hi Folks, Circumstance: In my work Outlook account, I have 3 inboxes: 1 - My work email address 2 & 3 - group inboxes i.e., *Inbox LogisticsImages ( *Inbox LogisticsSupport ( *Inbox Every day, a report...
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    Export Single sheet as Text without changing the document root

    Hi, My problem is as follows. I have written a dozen macros to compile a multi-sheet workbook for a facility set up which interacts with simulation packages and database SQL's. I need to export a single sheet as text file to import into a machine. The problem with using " Sheet1.SaveAs...
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    SaveAs Unique Name

    Hello All, I'm trying to get my Command Button to save the workbook as a unique name each time. Here I have it saving with a specific filename and, if it already exists it's SUPPOSED to add a number to the name. Like if WorkbookA1 already exists then it's to save as WorkbookA2, THEN sends it...

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