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    Closing Workbook when Userform closes

    Greetings everyone, I'm currently trying to get my excel application to close whenever I close any userform using the red X in the right hand corner. Besides, I'd like the form to throw a prompt asking whether I want to save it or not. How do I get this done without having to code it into every...
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    Shared drive issue - saving file in access through excel

    Hello All, I have around ~100 users who are divided into 5 batches, they work on spreadsheet that has been shared on a network. My BIGGEST challenge is that since it is a shared spreadsheet it often leads to crashing or some or the other error popping up when opening the file. I somewhere read...
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    Need to AutoSave the output as xls file with date/time in filename

    Hi, I have the below code to generate a xls which opens and displays results from a serverlist.txt file. I have the date/time going correctly in column 5, need to autosave the file at completion into current working directory with file name containing date/time. ------------------- ' PING IP...
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    Is it possible to have VB code change when the file name changes?

    I'm new to writting VBA code and what I've done so far works great except that when I change the name of the workbook and run the process, then a debug message occurs because the original name in the code didn't change when the workbook name changed. Is there a way to link the original workbook...

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