1. P

    adSchemaTables is missing some types of queries/views

    I've written code in my Excel front-end to list all queries/views in program's backend db (MS Access .mdb file). I've done this by using the adSchemeTables, but I've found that the schema only includes select type queries. The other possible query types (Update, Delete, Append, etc) are *not*...
  2. G

    XML schema

    I'm trying to edit an XML file with Excel 2013 (Office Pro) The source have the following 2 lines at the top: <!--?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?--> <arrayofsessiondata xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd=""> I cannot find a way...
  3. J

    Data Source Dynamic Parameter

    Fairly new to Power Query or the get data function. I am trying to set up a query from an Odbc data source with a dynamic parameter for the Schema. The server will always remain the same however the Schema (not entirely sure what that is?) is what will change then the table name will remain the...
  4. B

    striving to find a 3rd party program visual external Schema for ms access

    Hi All, Looking for a 3rd party program to use as a schema for my ms access database (SQL backend) . Would like to drop in tables queries etc and create a visual link that would show me a schema what is connected to what? At present, I have a many large access databases's (Inherited) with no...
  5. R

    Design of database built on 2 tables

    Hello! There are two input tables. Input 1 is a schema (e.g. what can be bought) which is followed by entry table in input 2 (e.g. what was bought). How to read If key is Bob, then there are 3 variables named apple, pear and orange. Now using the schema Bob, we placed an order for 20...
  6. M

    Excel not creating full schema - please help!

    <rate<font color="#000000"><rate name="SEATTLE" code="1726" staterate="0.065" localrate="0.036">I have a working spreadsheet which uses a vba to query a web service and return a tax value and other information. However, recently I found a bug that stems from excel having not created the schema...
  7. L

    Help with Data Types in MS Query

    I have a workbook with a couple of tabs of data in it. I'm using another workbook to query that original workbook so I can treat the tabs as a relational database. The issue that I have is that some data types are not importing correctly. For example - I have a column "Sales" in the original...
  8. M

    Schemas (.XSD) from Eletronics Invoices don't work

    Hi, I'm from Brazil and here we use eletronics invoices distributed in XML files. I can import it to a Excel Sheet and the program assumes a automatic schema to use it. But i have to format and mapping every time. The XSDs files are public and be located in the Brazilian Government site on...
  9. L

    Can you edit a Schema file in VBA?

    So I have a connection which is created in VBA to a text file that I have saved somewhere. I just found that there are a bunch of rows which have 0s for a certain column, but have decimals for the majority of the rest of the rows (0.5,0.6,etc), but when it creates the connection in VBA, the max...
  10. T

    Cannot Import "XML Spreadsheet 2003" using "XML Data Import" in XL07; "does not refer to a schema"

    One of the features of Excel 2007 I have truly been enjoying is the XML Data Import feature (in the Data tab of the Ribbon). It has made reviewing and updating information of web-based information a LOT easier. Unfortunately, when attempting to import an XML File over the web created in the...

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