screen flicker

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    Screen Refreshing constantly

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help me. I'm using Excel 2016 and when I open a workbook, my screen flickers every ten seconds or so like it's refreshing. It's quite frustrating as I have a filter on the worksheet and when I click on the filter to filter our some data, it just closes before I get...
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    The screen gets crazy and doesn't refresh properly and the calculation method turns manual

    Hi all I am in a big (at least for me) project for a NGO upgrading a tool to forecast. To make everything simpler I basically collate data from 600 tables in different sheets as I explained in this post...
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    Passively select cells in other worksheet

    I have written some code that runs about 400 lines of code in one worksheet, then 400 lines of code in another worksheet ("Calendar"), and finishes by returning to the first worksheet. When I run the code, it takes about a second to process. There is a flicker for about a quarter-second where...
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    ScreenUpdating on Excel Mac

    Hi All, I am using Excel Mac 2011 and it appears to be clearly ignoring the screenupdating command. My Macro opens a new workbook and saves it as something else hundreds of times whilst taking information from another workbook which remains open the entire time. The trouble is, the screen...
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    Question about screen flicker

    I have an application that uses forms for input and worksheets as data tables. The code looks something like this: Application.Screenupdating = False Sheets("Sheet1").visible = True Sheets("Sheet1").activate ' update some rows within sheet1... .. ...
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    Screen shudder and jumping during macro run

    Hi, I have written a program in which the user uses check boxes to select/deselect worksheets that they want to have visible their application. As users check/uncheck the boxes, the names of the worksheets are updated on the "menu" (aka table of contents) page. The functionality of this macro...
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    Continuous Macro to rid screen blinking

    This may be a bit of a complicated message, but I currently have a macro that pulls in data via XML every 15 secs. I am using the screenupdating = false to stop the updating, but every time my macro runs, at the end, the screen will blink. I need help figuring out a way to get rid of that...
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    Selection change and vlookup

    Hello All, I am really new to VBA and need your help. I am trying to use SelectionChange to click on a cell and then use vlookup to show contents of an adjacent cell - to do this I made a reference to the selection address in the worksheet that then runs the vlookup from the worksheet--the...

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