1. R

    Reference a column with variable rows with vba

    hello i have some code that is supposed to look at a specified sheet and figure out how many active rows it has and then look at column D and check each cell in that column to see if any are over 55. if any cell is over 55 it will give a message box as you can see... with this code it is giving...
  2. J

    Streamline Macro Code for filtering, copying, and pasting

    Hi there, below is the code I have in the excel file. Basically what it does it starts with one tab full of data, creates 3 new tabs, and then filter/copy/paste information from the original data set to each of the 3 new tabs based upon different attributes. It also adds a new "date" column to...
  3. P

    Access file to open form only

    Hi All, After some help from Joe off this forum i have manged to put together a basic form that i would like other users to use, but i dont want them to be able to get to any of the editing screens or see the raw data behind the form. Is there anyway that the form can be saved as if its a stand...
  4. S

    Lost spreadsheets

    The file icon is on my desktop. When I open the file, excel opens...but instead of having a spreadsheet, the screen is gray. I KNOW that the data is there, I just can't FIND it! I have expanded the workspace as much as it will grow, and given my screens the maximum resolution that I can in hopes...
  5. A

    UserForm Dual Screen BOTH screens

    From searching, I see there's a plethora of data on UserForms in dual screen environments, such as centering on the window, displaying on the proper screen, etc. But here's my question: Can I make a Userform take up BOTH screens? I want it to be maximized to the fill the entirety of both...
  6. K

    Viewing pivot sheet & chart on two monitors

    I have a dual-monitor set-up, which is useful for comparing two workbooks side by side (if each is opened in its own instance of excel). I have a fairly intricate pivot table (and chart) that I want to be able to manipulate data on my primary screen and see the results in the chart on my second...

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