1. M

    Conditional formatting duplicate numbers in a column that also has cells with words - no script

    Hey guys I have been looking for this for at least 3-4 hours and I give up. How can I format a column to highlight all duplicate number values, ignoring empty cells or cells with words, without using scripts? I want to use Google Docs with this and if I am not mistaken I can't use scripts. This...
  2. O

    Examine and change format for each cell containing zero

    Hi all, I have about 30 spreadsheets I have to process every week. For each cell in these spreadsheet that contain a 0, I have to manually change the format to currency without the $ sign. If a cell has a value other than o, I need to leave it in the current format. As you can imagine, doing...
  3. C

    Count Email in folder + Subfolders and sorting on category.

    Hi, I would like to be able to pick a folder and then the macro/script goes through the main folder + subfolders and then also e-mails within to check their category and then post a result on how many mails were put on the different categories. I have found two different scripts that each...
  4. K

    Increment based on number. Without using scripts

    I have a problem here with an excel function. This wouldn't be a problemif could use scripts but unfortunately, there's another piece of softwarethat needs to read the data, this software cannot read scripts. I musttherefore, only use functions. I have this list of data %MW101.0 %MW101.1...
  5. D

    VBA to get WEB data

    Hello all, I'm trying to read a web page in the INTRA net to get data. (no unfortunately, I don't have access to the data source) It's not like anything I have ever done before. I can't scrape it because there is nothing to scrape. It's all nothing more than html pointing to scripts as shown...
  6. H

    Reduction of passwords

    Hello, I got several Excel spreadsheets running with VBA scripts. Thank you all for helping me with those. Now I wonder one thing. In a module several individual scripts are listed. All include password protect / unprotect. If I want to change password I have to change them all in all modules...
  7. L

    Stuck on a circular reference

    The following formula is causing a circular reference but I can't establish why... =IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP('Report From Proscript'!D2,'Uncollected scripts to hand'!$A$2:$A$5000,1,FALSE)),'Report From Proscript'!A2,"") Any ideas?
  8. F

    VBA error shuts down ALL scripts

    I've been running across this problem lately, I have a spreadsheet that has a couple of simply records the date when a users selects their name from a drop-down, the other composes an email. I'll be fine-tuning the email portion, and maybe I'll target the wrong cell when trying to...
  9. I

    VBA script to find and Delete rows with Duplicate data

    Ok guys really need your help for a script here ( VBA ). I have data in four columns and 1000s of rows. in Col A i have "NE ID" , Col B i have "SITE ID". SITE ID is composed of up to minimum of 2 NEs and a maximum of 6 NEs.Col C has "start date of an event" and Col D has " End date of an...
  10. K

    Looping Macro Help!

    <TABLE width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD> I have a spreadsheet that has multiple rows for the same date (Col A), each with different product data in cols B-M. I need to be able to read through each row until the date changes (the number of rows changes each day). Whilst the date matches I need to add...
  11. T

    Adding to VB functions together

    Hi all, I am useless at VB but through the use of all your archived wisdom I have been able to not only create myself a userform but have also been able to them turn the saved data into an email. SO Thanks already! I have two VB scripts (is that the right term?) which I need to join together...

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