scroll bars

  1. S

    Filtering Chart with Shading

    Hello, I have always been interested in the dynamic filtering other programming languages have. I know excel has timeline filters but I am looking more for something like the following charts. Overall, the functionality works as following. The user can use one of the two scrollbars below the...
  2. D

    Access 2010: Scroll Bars - again

    I have a form with a header section (containing controls) and the detail section which returns the result of a Search - determined by what is input in the control(s). If I have the vertical scroll bar showing, it extends into both the header and the detail part of the form. Since the...
  3. M

    Userform Scroll Bars

    Hi. I have looked for a thread that would solve the problem I am having but with no luck. I have created a Userform that will be used on a number of different PC's and laptops. The form itself seems to be working fine but on some screens the form does not fit and users cannot move the form...
  4. X

    VBA Scroll macro run after another macro??

    Hey Mr.Excel I'm working with a Excel document containing a good portion of scroll bars. I have a macro that i run to update my data, and after the macro is finished I have to manually move all scroll bars. Therefore would hear if there was a way to get the scroll bars two move 1 value/date...
  5. D

    Move 3 Columns using ActiveX Scroll Bar Function

    Hi, Could someone let me know how to move three columns using ActiveX scroll bar. If I click right side end of scroll bar by having the selection in A1, then selection should go to the cell E1. From E1 if I click the left side endof scroll bar, then the selection should come back to the cell...
  6. G

    How to hide formulas in excel without loosing the functionality of scroll bar

    I want to create a dynamic dashboard with drop-downs and scroll bars. I want to hide my formulas but I want my scroll bars and drop-downs to be functional. I tried protecting sheet but it is not helping me out Please suggest me how to do it.
  7. L

    A Fast Way To Add Multiple Text boxes With Scrollbars and Add Original ID?

    Hi All, I have hit a bit of an issue when creating a system that keeps track of issues coming into an inbox (it’s kind of like a database of issues). Because the cells will contain so much data I have had to insert textboxes that have scrollbars to see all the data (they are linked to the cell...
  8. B

    Vertical Scroll Bar Jumps from top to bottom of file instead of bottom of data

    Using Excel 2010 on Windows 7. This problem is driving me crazy. I have data (formulas) in a worksheet from row 1 to 1000. However, the scroll bar thinks there is data to the bottom of the worksheet, the very bottom!!! So the scroll bar is very small and if you move it even a fraction, you jump...
  9. P

    Scroll bars capturing all rows and columns

    Hi, just a quick question relating to the scroll bars capturing all the cells. In the situation where I format a row or a column with a command that captures the whole row or column (e.g. highlighting a column with a certain colour) or a mistake entry of a value at the end of a row. This can...
  10. N

    VBA to resize multiple Chart Series via A Scrollbar.

    Hello, I currently have a beautiful bit of code assigned to a scrollbar, that was suggested to me here on Mr.Excel. Thanks to all the Gurus out their for their continual support and assistance. Sub Scrollbar1_Change() Select Case ActiveSheet.ScrollBars("Scroll bar 3").Value Case "0" Call...
  11. C

    how to use a scrollbar to select values instantly

    Hi, Is there any way a user can select a spot on the scrollbar and the bar moves there instantly? I have my scrollbar in place so that the user can answer a question to choose between a digit 0 and 21 (the value goes to cell A1). However you have to click multiple times to get the scrollbar to...
  12. repairman615

    Scroll with a scroll bar???

    Hello, This is something I have been working on for days...It seems simple enough. I would like to add a scroll bar that will scroll a range, independantly of the main horizontal scroll bar. The range is a table from f10:ce25. Thanks in advance...
  13. L

    Userform has mind of its own

    Hi. I have a userform with both vertical and horizontal scroll bars on it. When the form opens, the scroll bars are in their upper-most and left-most positions, which is where I want them to be. But when I click on a combo box in the upper left corner to begin filling out the form, it...

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