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    Macro - Excel won't scroll down to highlighted cell

    Hi Guys - I wrote a Macro that will highlight a cell when the contents of the cell matches the searching criteria. The macro works fine, except that if the cell being searched is in row 200, Excel won't scroll down to where the cell is. For example. I have a spreadsheet that contains 290 rows...
  2. J

    Alternatives for INDIRECT in cascading (dependent) dropdown lists causing slowdown and headaches

    Hi, Calling all Excel geniuses, I’m working on a project for a friend, I’m already way beyond my comfort zone in Excel, and am have an issue that I can’t get around. My project involves making a sheet that acts like a form with each row being a series of dropdown menu’s (to limit the users...
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    VBA worksheet change to scroll down to specific text

    Hi All I'm reasonalby fluent in excel but my vba knowledge is limited. I'm looking for some help with a code to scroll down to a specific title when a selection is made from a drop down list at the top of the page? looking to save a lot of scrolling and ctrl F time please help Cheers!
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    Hyperlink with Vlookup

    Hi, I am having some trouble with setting up a hyperlink with a Vlookup. I want to set up a Hyperlink, returning the description of the code as well as acting as the hyperlink. I have set this up a table with the ability to scroll - developer - add scroll bar to table, So when I scroll down...
  5. J

    Need Scroll VBA code to use with Microsoft DT Picker control

    Using Excel 2010, I am using the Microsoft DT Picker control on certain sheets within my workbook. The workbook is setup to automatically open on sheet "Start" regardless of which sheet the workbook was last saved on. When reopening file and I select a sheet that utilizes the DT Picker control...
  6. F

    How to make than A1 be selected when we open every worksheet ?

    Hi, I use files that sometimes I use and forget to come back to A1. When I open back this files, I want every worksheet select A1 in order not to have to scroll down and go left all the time. Any way to do it ? PD : It must be automaticall. I don't want to have all the time to press CTrlQ.

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