1. J

    Dynamic Maximum Value for Scrollbar (Form)

    Hi team, I'm trying to set a max limit on my Form Scrollbars (I have 4 unique named scrollbars on sheet "dash_v2"). I have COUNTIFS formulas (in cells) on sheet "dash_v1" calculating total references, i.e. 2 of this, 31 of that etc... Those references are the numbers I'd like to use as a...
  2. C

    Adding Vertical and Horizontal Scrollbars in a userform using Userform_Activate method

    Folks, I have to add both vertical and horizontal scrollbars in a userform, so far I have this code below for horizontal scrollbars only. Private Sub UserForm_Activate() With Me .ScrollBars = fmScrollBarsHorizontal .ScrollWidth = .InsideWidth * 1.5 End With End Sub The...
  3. B

    VBA Code to generate controls on a userform

    Dear Mr. Excel, I've searched quite a bit but can't find the appropriate search term to zero in on the answer, or it just can't be done. (Never!) I am designing a form that needs a variable number of ScrollBars. I need to generate scrollbars from within a loop, so that there is 1 scrollbar...
  4. F

    Scrollbar changing userform textbox and cell in a sheet. (number only increases)

    Hello, I am creating a userform to manipulate a sheet and expose only some information of the sheet to the user. Basically I have a cell, on this example A1, where it is supposed to be a temperature and that temperature will affect many other calculations on the sheet (for simplification the...
  5. W

    Positioning scrollbars in Excel 2010 VBA

    Hi, I need to switch User Forms programmatically from Left-To-Right to Right-To-Left. It is simple to change texts, lists, etc. But scrollbars in Combo Boxes remain on the same side, obstructing start of the listed items. In older versions of Excel, Combo (List) boxes had a "Scrollbar"...
  6. R

    Scrolling in a UserForm Frame by a Code

    Is it possible to scroll down in a UserForm Frame with a VBA Code in excel. My frame in the userform has a scrollheight of 600 and a lot of option buttons. Based on a selection in a ComboBox(using If statement), I'd like to scroll down to a certain amount in the Frame. Does anybody have any idea...

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