search and replace

  1. S

    Search and replace function together in Power Query

    Hello Everyone, i am looking for custom function which would check If contains "Dr" or "Cr" and replace the same will nothing and also multiplies with 1 if the word is "Dr" and multiplies with -1 if the word is "Cr". For example, following is the sample table: 268740.00 Cr 1652420.00 Cr...
  2. S

    Find numbers before unit of measurement in string

    Hi, I've got what seems like a simple conversion task that I'm having trouble puzzling out. I have a column of product descriptions (text/html) that contain measurements (i.e. "Medium - 6.3cm x 7cm") and I need to find and convert them from cm to inches. I'm having trouble figuring out how to...
  3. C

    Using VBA to search workbook and hard code cells containing specific formulas

    Hi, I've seen some similar posts, and attempted to tweak the VBA in order for it to work for mu purposes, but I am relatively new to this and I haven't come up with anything that works properly yet. I am looking to search through my workbook (quite a few sheets) to select and hard code all...
  4. P

    How to mass edit complex formulas? Wildcards?

    I have a bunch of formulas on a sheet of the form: =whole_buncha_stuff, ROUND(SUM(whole_buncha_otherstuff),1),more_other_stuff) I want to remove the ROUND() function: =whole_buncha_stuff, SUM(whole_buncha_otherstuff),more_other_stuff) where the "whole_buncha...." strings represent variable...
  5. W

    Search and Replace with twist

    hello, I am looking for a way to search and replace but replace the original cell with the value that it finds. I have two columns with city names in them, but one column has aggregated values (newyork-newjersey) and the other has single name cities in them only. Is there a way to...
  6. M

    Search Text file for cell value then replace regex match in text file from cell value 7 columns over from first match

    I am attempting to use a macro to open a text file and search for a match in column d then when the match is found look back in the text file for the MAC address and replace it with the cell value 7 columns over from first match. I will post examples of what I am trying to do. Step 1. look at...
  7. I

    Keep Text Format in Search and Replace VBA

    With the following code... the Search and Replace works find except that all of the numbers are dropping the initial zero. I think I need to add some code to keep the format as text possibly, but I can't find what that code would be. Here is the code: the replacements are returning values of...
  8. H

    Problem with macro for replacing cell data with content 1 cell above active cell.

    Hi! I'm having some trouble converting raw-data to a format I can put to use in a pivotable. At my work we pull data a couple of times a day from a external program, the formatting of that data makes for allot of manual labour before we can present it. I'm trying to write a VBA scripts that...
  9. G

    Search and replace current month with last & and save as macro

    Hello there folks! I need help with a code that will save the opel file as "jan-current month_current year". And I need the month to appear as text with three letters, for example it would be "jan-jun_2015" if I run the macro now. Is this possible to do? Also when I use the search and...
  10. C

    VBA Help - Looking up data between sheets, and perform a function if data is/isnt found.

    Hi all, I am looking for some help with writing a macro to copy and paste some data between worksheets if it meets certain criteria. I have been trying to write a macro that works in a loop as the amounts of data I am refering to will vary. Basically, I have 3 sheets; IMPORT - this contains a...
  11. C

    [VBA][XL2010] Search and Replace with Multiple Search Values

    I'd like to know how to do a search and replace by checking each cell in a given column against an array of values provided by the user. Specifically, I have a user that needs to find several (but not all) model numbers with the format of "\b([0-9]?[A-Z]{2,3}).*" and add letters to the end of...
  12. J

    Search and Replace Combobox help!

    Hello, I created a macro that has a userform to select a workbook, pull data from it, and then go through the comments (its from a survey with an open-end question). The search and replace was designed to remove expletives. I wont post the expletive list, but I will share the rest. The red...
  13. A

    VBA loop to search 100,000s of cells to modify and replace taking too long.

    Hi, first time poster here. I'm working on parsing iostat information (it's a unix command to get disk information). It provides disk information in bytes, but when it gets to 1000 bytes it changes it to KB. For example, I'll have a data point that says 900 which mean 900 bytes and then another...
  14. R

    replacing csv text with new text

    Hi all - i'm new to this website, so apologies if i've posted in the wrong place... I have a csv file which i need to open and then in the fourth row replace the following text ! !,0, with " ",0, i.e. replace the ! with " I need to do this in a vba macro and also once the csv...
  15. J

    Excel search and replace

    I have an excel file like this sheet contains many sheet same like this. I want to change the REV NO. , Draw Status and Draw Date as I require if DRAWING NO = BWEP00-400 or any other. Any one can help me to find a solution. Macro or command to achive the suitable result for this.<TABLE...
  16. LxQ

    Search and Replace only works to a point

    I did a Search and Replace on a range of cells from row 29 to 52. The search and replace worked up to row 35 only. Even if I do a simple find, it cannot find anything past row 35, even though when I look into the cell, what I search for is there. The partial string I'm searching for is: ")")

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