search range

  1. airforceone

    Search Row 1 for Text if Found Convert Column to Date

    good day mate, I decided to try converting my MS Access Form to Excel Userform (have a valid reason), so my would be series of question for the days ahead :) starts now... I have a Table with a Header with different capitalization of text entry (ie. Date, DATE, DaTe, date) what I would like to...
  2. M

    Filter that uses search text from a range or column

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to extract data from sheet1 into sheet2. One of the columns in sheet1 contains a personal identifier along with other text. On sheet2 I use a filter function to extract data from sheet 1 by referencing cells in sheet2 column (i) that lists the personal identifiers...
  3. I

    How to ignore a column in a range search VBA code?

    Hi. I have a code that searches in a range for a value and returns the matching value from a matching column. I want to know how I can ignore searching in one of the 3 columns in the range as it can have duplicates from the column I need and it returns unnecessary data. In this example I need to...
  4. K

    vba to check a pivot table for a value

    Hello! I have a UserValue input through an InputBox. I would like to check a little one-column pivot table to see if that value exists in the table. If it does, I will pop up a message. If not, continue with the macro. This is what I wrote, but it's (obviously) not working. At the bolded...
  5. B

    VBA to complete a list with missing items

    Hello, I have two sheets: Sheet1 and Sheet2. In Sheet1 I have names (Name1, Name2, Name3...) and projects (Project1, Project2...). I mark with an x the name assigned to a project. In Sheet2 I have have the working days of the calendar and the names with their assigned projects. I would need...
  6. C

    VBA Question

    Hello, I am looking for help with a scrip. A play off of the following script if possible that would copy the cell, instead of delete the row: Set SrchRng = ActiveSheet.Range("A1", ActiveSheet.Range("A5000").End(xlUp)) Do Set myCell = SrchRng.Find("Agent", LookIn:=xlValues) If Not myCell...
  7. B

    Search a Range for changing Text

    It has been some time since I had to do some programming however; I am muttling through this project that I've been given. I am stumped at the moment and would appreciate some guidance from you guys. I have the following table and have my script to identify a change in software title and...
  8. P

    Range lookup problem

    Hi, I am having trouble working out this range lookup problem and would really appreciate some help. Still trying to get the hang of Excel. I am using Excel 2007, my computer runs on Windows Vista. Excel 2007 <tbody> A B C D E F 1 Initial Table 2 3 Price Range...
  9. H

    If "#NA" is in Range, Do this

    Hi All, I'm trying to make an if. I want it to search a range (N5-N30) and if the value "N/A" is in any cell, to click on that cell, move 8 over, then run the blue code (the blue code already works). Any ideas how to make the If, Then, Search, Offset, Select work? If...
  10. R

    Searching a Range For Two Known Text Values and Hiding the Rows in between.

    Hello, I am a beginner user of VBA and am having trouble finding a function to do what I need. I have a predefined range in excel (about 1000 cells) called Range 1. In this range I have the values "user" and "visitor". When a checkbox (chk1) is checked, I want a code to search Range 1 for the...
  11. L

    VBA Problem When Searching Sheet Hi All, I have been trying to work something out for 2 weeks but I cannot seem to do exactly what I would like. I have posted a download link (at top of post) which has a cut down version of my program, showing...

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