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  1. A

    Ignore/Select all option in dropdown comboboxes

    Hi, I'm still a VBA novice, however I have some basic understanding of C# but can't seem to figure this one out. On this forum as well, I found this wonderful code for dropdown comboboxes, however I would like to give the user the option to either ignore one of the comboboxes or implement a...
  2. C

    Select all PivotItems and uncheck (blank)

    I have several pivot tables that only contain text comments by product and location. The problem I have is that when I refresh the pivot table the pivot items filter gets set to (blank) only which results in nothing being shown in the table. I tried writing code that would (select all) and...
  3. P

    Using a button to select all check boxes (with a wrinkle)

    I have seen a few tutorials that show how to select all check boxes by selecting a single check box, but I am trying to perform this action by clicking a button and am struggling to adapt the instructions. Also, I would like to perform this action only on check boxes where the related row is not...
  4. J

    Select ALL cells problem and advice please

    Hi, and thanks for taking the time to view this post. I am running the following code to create 20 or thirty message boxes that activate when particular cells are clicked. Essentially, I need to provide the user information related to specific cell entries. My problem is when the user selects...
  5. X

    Two sets of checkboxes on one worksheet

    I have two sets of checkboxes on the same worksheet. Previously, I have used this code to make a box that will select all checkboxes. Sub CheckBox8_Click() Dim CB As CheckBox For Each CB In ActiveSheet.CheckBoxes If <> ActiveSheet.CheckBoxes("Check Box 8").name Then...
  6. C

    keyboard shortcut for select all text in a cell contains alt+enter

    How do I use keyboard to select all text inside a cell which contains ALT + enter inside?
  7. S

    Selecting filtered data without column headings in macro

    I am creating a macro from a large set of data. When I filter data from a particular column, I then take those results, select all the data (multiple columns and rows), and copy them over to another sheet. What do I need to tell macro so it selects all the filtered data but does not include...
  8. C

    How do I base pivot table on all active cells in a Macro?

    Can anyone tell me how to "select all" cells in a macro for a pivot table? I'm trying to create a macro to build a pivot table based on all the populated cells in a worksheet (Excel 2007), the problem being that dataset will not always be the same size. I originally built this using the...
  9. A

    Formula Navigation

    Hi all, I'm after a work around to select all ranges in a formula. ie When you click into the formula bar & all the ranges are surrounded by boxes & you can move, resize etc. When there are several boxes around the same range is it possible to move/resize all the boxes for that range instead...
  10. S

    Excel 2007 Change Pivot Table (Select Multiple) with Macro

    I need to select 2 items (months that are chosen by a user) in a pivot table. I can either put the Months as PageItems (Select Multiple) or FieldItems, either way I will get the results I need (when selected manually). When choosing one item, no problem. I use the code...
  11. S

    Macro to Show/Select All in Pivot

    Hi I need to write a macro with a reset button that will go through the Pivot and refresh all fields one by one and click the (Select All) option to show all the items within each Row Fields and Column Fields. When I record the Macro it goes through and turns on all items within a field one by...
  12. B

    Setting the select all to select some

    I am working in Excel (not 2007) and am trying to get a Macro that will run and select all Cells in a Worksheet except for the first row. What I have so far is this: Dim LR As Long LR = .Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row + 1 Sheets("M").Activate Range("A2:T" & LR).Select...
  13. arkusM

    VBA "ignoring" or exit sub with "Select All"

    Good day! I am trying to prevent a out of memory error when all cells as selected. Basically I am lookinf for a way to test if the user selects all the cells in a sheet. Then if that happen I want to exit the sub. Basically IF "Select all" then Exit Sub But I don;t know what syntax to use...
  14. W

    Pivot Table select all function

    So i have a pivot table that has a column for dates within the year. When i clear all the selected dates and choose one (i.e. 1/8/2007) the report will give me just those dates and infromtation. Now the issue is that when i try to select all (show all) in the drop down and click ok the report...

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