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    Spell Check certain columns only in VBA

    Hi, I have a piece of code that inserts a row of data at the bottom of an existing range, and then what I'm after is for a spell check to take place on that new row. At the moment, the code below works fine .... it spell checks all the visible columns in that particular range. To make it...
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    Select Column To Last Row Of Data

    hi I am looking for a way to select a column to the last row of data. The problem is that the column I want to select has data only in row 1, but the sheet has data all the way down to row 633. I am using a Mac and have tried using all the standard keyboard shortcuts and also using the function...
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    VBA Output to a specific column.

    I am using VBA to list the folders in a selected directory. However, the output is placed in column A, how can I have VBA prompt me to choose a column to put the information in? Here is my code: Declare Function SHGetPathFromIDList Lib "shell32.dll" _ Alias "SHGetPathFromIDListA" (ByVal pidl...
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    Select column using a combo box??

    Hello Excel gurus, I am a bit weary of asking for help because it's only my 2nd post and I haven't helped out anyone here. Sorry guys. I am not a excel expert. I have created a userform with a combobox. The combo box is already linked with dates. i.e. When I click on combo box I can select a...
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    Formula to copy column based on input

    I have a spreadsheet that shows budget amounts for each month. What I want to do is have one column that shows YTD budget amounts in one column based on inputting the month. In other words, if I put the month of Feb in the column, the formula or macro would sum Col A and B (assuming Col A...

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