select contiguous rows

  1. N

    Textbox to search Worksheet

    Hi i am trying to get a text box to search a worksheet and read the information in that row and input it to other text boxes. at this time all i need to get working is to read the text box and search on the worksheet. so far i have: Range("B1").Find(Columns("b")(Find_Printer.Text, , , xlWhole...
  2. BetterBeef

    Select All Rows Between Two Rows in VBA

    Hello. I want to be able to select rows 33 through rows 37 in VBA. I tried using the Union function, but this only selected rows 33 and 37. I want to select 33, 37, and everything in between. Is there a function that allows me to do this? I want to do the equivalent of selecting row 33...

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