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    Excel VBA Select Method - de-selecting pasted cells

    I have a 100x100 spreadsheet to which I paste data from another workbook using a macro. After the paste has been carried out, the entire recipient WS is shaded (selected). I would like to select a single cell in this WS so that the entire WS is not left selected. Here's the code I have tried...
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    Run Time Error '1004': Select Method of Worksheet class failed

    Hi, I'm having trouble with this error that appears whenever I try to run macros. Sub Filter() Sheets("Combination").Select Range("A4:AJ598").AutoFilter ActiveSheet.Range("$A$4:$AJ$598").AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:="Y" ActiveSheet.AutoFilter.Range.Copy...
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    Code running different in PrivateSub Workbook_Open

    Hi All! This forum has been awesome for getting me started on VBA, I'm not a programmer and I had to pick this up now because the company that I'm working for has a really outdated system and we have to do a lot of Excel manipulation to get the files the way we need them. I appreciate any help...
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    Select Method of Worksheet Class Failed

    I have an existing excel template which is working fine. We just added some tabs and incorporate on the macro, then I encounter the error. When I try to debug the error is with the 2nd line as per below (in bold font and underlined) It says that Identifier under cursor is not recognized...
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    Select method of Range class failed

    Hello, I have this code in a form, which is designed to populate a combo box with all the values of non-empty rows in a given column. The problem with this is that a "Runtime Error: 1004 Select method of Range class failed" occurs ' set variables Dim wsSheet As Worksheet Dim rngNext As...

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