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    How to properly use Activate or Select method with multiple workbooks VBA

    Hey party people, I am trying to navigate and read data from specific sheets from multiple workbooks using VBA. When working with a single workbook, I use SheetX.Select often (X = 1, 2, 3... whatever sheet number I'm looking for at the moment) because the tabs change names, move order, or...
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    Select Workbook and Worksheet in Vlookup Macro

    I have a macro that runs a vlookup. It's tailored not to overwrite cells that already have text in them and only carry over found values to blank cells. At the moment it simply goes looking for these values on another sheet in the same workbook called "Lookup_Sheet". Sub Vlookup44()...
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    Select sheet from form

    Hi, I have a user form that are supposed to open a worksheet. I use Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() Sheets("Rapport_Linjer").Select Me.Hide End Sub to open the proper sheet, but changes made in this sheet are made in the sheet where the form was opened, although I'm currently seeing...
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    Selecting vs Activating - VERY newbie

    Hi all, could someone please explain the differences between Selecting a sheet/wb and Activating a sheet/wb? when do you use each one, etc.? Thanks

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