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    VBA to unprotect sheet, hide/unhide rows based on column A value=1, then protect sheet for multiple sheets

    Greetings. I have a schedule tool created and struggling to find the right code. We have a sheet named "Associates" and will have a button on this sheet to link a macro module to update a number of other sheets. There are 7 protected sheets, let's just say "Sheet 1", "Sheet 2", "Sheet 3" etc...
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    Exporting selected sheets to pdf

    Hi, I have a code which i suppose to print the sheets I have selected to pdf (the list of the sheetnames are in cell A1). But my code only prints blank pages (or the singled marked cells on each sheet). How do I solve this? Here's the code: Sub PrintSelectedSheets() Dim wrLocal...
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    Select and copy specific sheets into a new workbook

    Hi, I've been around this issue for too long and I believe it's a simple thing to do but I'm just not getting it. I've a userform (UserForm1) where the user selects the worksheets to copy into a new workbook by checking comboboxes. After selecting the worksheets, the user click ok...

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