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    Insert row based on location of an image, not the highlighted cell

    Hi all, I was hoping someone might be able to assist with the following as I am a bit of an Excel macro novice. I am trying to create a spreadsheet where users fill out the details in grey to create a budget. I have protected the sheet so users can only edit the cells in grey. To make this...
  2. N

    VBA for Message Box Upon Active Cell Value

    I have a file with drop downs. The goal is to remind users to enter a response in column K (root cause) if the option "Employee Error" is chosen from the drop down in column H (Cause). How do I make a message box appear saying "Please enter a root cause" once a user chooses "Employee Error" in...
  3. K

    How to use a macro to enter in a number in a cell....

    Hello, I am wanting one macro to do the following steps: 1. Wrap text when cell is selected (this will be in column C all the time) 2. Adjust the height of cell to fit the wrap text (this will be in column C all the time) 3. When column C has something in it, in column A I want to place...
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    Cell value = cell. selected ??? pls help

    Hello all, When I select a range of cells, my desire outcome is to get a total value quickly. As I can see result from status bar on the lower right hand corner. Let's say the cell "A1" is the target cell. How can I set the value of Cell "A1" according to the total value of the range of cell...
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    Replacing Range of Selected Cells using VBA

    Hello everyone, I'm currently using the following code for a macro that replaces the one and only active cell's space for an underscore: Sub Hello() 'Finds and replaces spaces with an nothing ActiveCell.Value = Replace(ActiveCell.Value, " ", "_") ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Select End Sub...
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    Comment won't pop up when: selected cell has validation and is unlocked and the sheet is protected.

    Hi, I've found a quirk of Excel 2007 which I can't seem to overcome: When a cell has: 1) a comment, and 2) data validation as a list, and 3) no "locked" status in the "protection" tab of the formatting window. And when the worksheet containing this cell is protected, and the cell is...
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    Enable Selected Locked Cells When Macro is Enabled

    Hi Excel Experts! I wonder if I can have a macro code which will make some contents of my file be accessible (can be modified) to others if only the macro is enabled. I want to lock my file (all cells) to prevent others to change some of its contents. But since Microsoft disables the macro by...
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    Bringing focus back to a selected cell

    I have a list of names of pictures in a column on a sheet. When I click on any list item, the Selection_Change event loads the selected picture into a userform and displays it. This takes focus away from the clicked cell so I can't then select the next cell up or down with the arrow keys. The...
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    Data Entry Validations on unlocked Cells

    Hello, I have cells on four sheets that need data entry validations. I have entered the data validations, but this does not prevent copy/paste of the invalid entries. I have code that is testing validations, but I was wondering if there is a way to call the data validations to be run from a...
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    Show userform when cell is selected

    I need to be able to make a macro run to show a userform when a cell is selected. Hopefully this will fix the solution to my problem. I dont want an user to be able to enter data into this cell unless its through the useform. The cells defined name is "LotNumber".
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    Deleting all rows above selected cell

    I need a macro that will delete all rows above the selected cell. I've tried a few things, but I can't seem to get the macro to select backward and then delete the rows. It keeps deleting the column.

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